Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip to Seattle and Inspiring Crafters!

Mt. Rainier was so beautiful...she took my breath away!

Don't get me wrong, I love airport rides in town cars and taking limos to parties, but I also love public transportation. Before I left for my trip, I researched what was the best way for me to get into town. I decided to take the $2.50 Link. It was so worth the pocket change. Not only did I get to see different parts of Seattle, I also got to see the Sports Stadiums and the The Rainer Beer Factory, which is now an arts community. The ride was about 45 min to my destination, air conditioned and pleasant.

One thing I noticed immediately was all the beautiful flowers that grace the city!

My first stop was to The Elliott Baby Book Company. They are a famous Seattle independent book seller that has been in business since 1972.

So many books!

Oh La La....Look what I spotted! My latest book - 101 Snappy Fashions!

Next stop was for lunch with the amazingly talented writer Jennifer Worick!

We gobbled up the most delicious food, chatted all things craft industry, sipped on wine and swapped tales.

I was lucky to snag a copy of Jennifer's new book! If you are making gifts this holiday then this is a go to guide with project ideas for everyone.

Next up was a little exploring the public market. I have been here a few times and every time, I go into sensory overload. The weather was beautiful, the people were colorful and the smells were heavenly. Food, coffee, jams, flowers...and of course fresh fish and seafood.

City - City

Beautiful pepper and garlic bouquets and wreaths. They were only $18!

Fresh fish!

Lovely produce!


Yummy! I picked up a pack of chocolate linguine. We have tasted it raw and it is delicious. We are planning on serving it with fresh whipped cream, sauteed bananas and chopped chilled raspberries.

Back at the hotel! Nothing like crab cake room service! They were divine!

I was delighted that the Creative Confrence of Entrepenures was being held in the historical and fabtastic OddFellows Building. The space reminded me of theater and dance spaces that I ran around in back in Des Moines, IA when I was a little girl. Big cellings, hardwood floors and a history.

The conference kicked off with a bang! We all learned so much from each other. I was the second speaker of the day and I spoke on how I climbed the "glitter and glue ladder" and the positive effects "cold calling" had on my career.

Mingle and snack time.

Links to speakers and peeps I met!

Meagan Readorn of Not Martha

Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft

Claire Joyce of Clairejoyce
photo by Joeff Davis from Creative Loafing

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood Of Craft Sanity

Faythe Levine of Handmade Nation

Kristen Rask of Plush You and Schmancy Toys
(she was also an organizer of the event!)

Narumi Ogawa of Mister Funky

Tamila Morgan of Urban Farm Naturals


  1. robin Walker8:47 PM

    I LOVE Seattle. Sounds like you had a nice trip. I love your show and would love to see you live sometime.

  2. I love reading out-of-towner's write ups of my city. Looks like you had a fabulous trip! Come back any time...


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