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Audiences love the creative energy and DIY attitude Cathie and Steve bring to an event.  TV guest spots, home and garden shows, women's conventions, meet and greets, entrepreneurial seminars and creative conferences are all venues where Cathie and Steve's expertise shines.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Hi Cathie,
    You and Steve made a bracelet using pigment powders and Sculpey a couple of years ago. I saw you used tiny scoopers for the powders. Where did you get them?

    1. The tiny scoops are from beauty supply shops.

  2. Lisa O.3:55 PM

    Hi Cathie:
    I just went down to my local Michael's store to recreate a necklace you had on your blog for my mom for Mother's Day( don't laugh, it was the May 7, 2009 post). I could not find the silver pendant r the tiny heart charms, or the Peace charm. You mentioned they were made by Fresh and Modify- could you clarify? Where do I find these item? Help!

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Trying to download your snapsuite template for my daughter's baby shower without any luck....any suggestions??

    1. Yon need to click on it and save it like you would a jpeg. It is not a pdf. You should be able to save it to your desktop. For mac computers you right click on it.

  4. How do you know who to trust your ideals or inventions too??? and how do you ever get it off the ground???

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Hi Cathie!
    I so much want to find and purchase the soap mold you use that is simple rectangle bar that says natural. Can you please direct me as to how I can obtain one please? Thank you so much for sharing and teaching the wonderful art of soap making!
    T in TX

  6. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Hi Cathie & Steve, I just found your blog, etc. I have loved your show from the beginning, however lately haven't been able to find it. I am now going to follow your blog, ffacebook and youtube videos. Keep up the good work. Glad you didn't get hurt any worse than you did.

  7. Anonymous9:00 AM

    LOVE the mod molds, where can i get them in Minnesota?

  8. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Hi Cathie and Steve,

    Watched you both making a necklace out of a washer, and I found that so exciting. I am hoping you can make one for bracelets and earrings as I am having a diffcult time doing them. I am a rookie at jewelry making so I can use all the help I can get.

    Please and Thank you

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM


    Could you tell my the name of the cardtock you used for the Halloween votives please? I'd love it for a canvas im making. thanks


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