Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make This: Re-vamped Cupcake Stand

This little cutie began as an outdated holiday themed cookie stand and a cotton print thrift store skirt. Before I began the revamp, I washed the skirt and scrubbed the cookie stand clean.

What You Need:
Folkart Acrylic Paint – 643 Azure Blue
Mod Podge - matte
Cookie Stand
Wax paper
Printed Cotton Fabric
Foam Paintbrush


1. Disassemble the cookie stand. Prime all the parts individually and allow to dry.

2. Paint the stem with two coats of azure blue paint.

3. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the plates. Working on wax paper, coat each piece of fabric with mod podge (both sides). Place the fabric over the top of the plate and smooth with your fingers. Allow to dry. Once dry, trim the edges so they match with the plate. Repeat for the other plate.

4. Pierce the fabric over the plate holes and reassemble the cake stand. Add a bow to the top.

5. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.


  1. So cute....gotta make this!!

  2. Very clever. You did a nice job. It looks perfectly smooth. How do you avoid having brush strokes show with Mod Podge?

  3. @ Eileen - I use my fingers to press out any air bubbles. Also the fabric is very forgiving with brushstrokes.

  4. Is Mod Podge food safe?


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