Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seattle Friends - come see me Friday August 13th!

Friday - August 13
12:15 - 1:00

Century Ballroom
915 East Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98122-3849

Oh how I love Seattle and I couldn't be more thrilled and proud to be speaking with lots of creative and entrepreneurial minded friends and colleagues at The Creative Conference of Entrepreneurs.

I'll be sharing my story of climbing up the glitter and glue ladder, giving tips on getting published, cold calling, taking risks and how to keep believing in your ideas. Plus we will have a boxed lunch and an open forum Q&A. Where you can ask me anything and I'll answer!

I also have 50 Hot Glue Gun Helpers to pass out to the first to show up and Plaid has sent 100 bottles of Mod Podge!

I love their mission....Have a peek!

"Our Mission"
The mission of the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs (CCE) is to create a small business conference addressing the needs and disparities of the designer, artist and handcrafter (Creative Professionals). We have core values that we will cultivate at our events and through our website:

To educate the artist, crafter and designer on their way to becoming a creative professional.

To provide support for business owners, service providers and creative industries.

To create a network of business owners, service providers and creative industries who have similar professional goals.

To be a sounding board and a “Safe Place” for people to come and share their ideas. To find collaborators in the west coast creative community for their projects.

To learn more about the needs of this population and to advocate for the needs of the creative professional both locally and nationally.

If you are in Seattle...join in the fun, learn new stuff and meet new friends!


  1. Arty Sam3:05 PM

    i wish i could go. this even sounds so amazballs.

  2. yahoooo...can't wait to meet ya'!

  3. I am so excited on this event. I will make sure that I am going to be in that event. I can't wait to meet you too. I know that it is going to be a great day.

  4. Sounds like a great inspirational day! Maybe a creative conference could be held in Ohio some time, I would defiantly be there.

  5. SO wish I could have been there - in my hometown, even!


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