Meet Cathie

Hello!  I'm Cathie Filian and I'm crafty!

Cathie is a Designer, Emmy Nominated television host and producer, best-selling book author and the Owner of Cathie Filian Supply. She has a line of products for Mod Podge that are sold in major craft retailers across America, Canada and internationally.  Cathie's craft products and books can be found at Michaels, HSN, Amazon, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Ben Franklin, Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Kmart, Create for Less and at independent craft retailers.

She produced on TLC's Craft Wars and co-created and co-hosted more than 100 episodes of Emmy Nominated Creative Juice on HGTV & DIY Network. Cathie styled costumes for films such as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers, Bottle Rocket, and Vanilla Sky during her 10 years as a stylist.

Cathie has been featured on NBC, ABC, TLC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY, Food Network, Huffington Post, Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, MSN, Home and Family, Real Simple, Bust, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, Womens World and Life Magazine.

Cathie is the National Spokesperson for Plaid Enterprises, one of the largest manufactures of art and craft products in the United States.

Cathie grew up in the Midwest and has been getting crafty since she can remember. She began sewing at 8 years old and has a degree in Textile Science and Fashion Design.  Her first job out of college was as a design assistant for Betsey Johnson.

Cathie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Eddie. They are fost/adopt parents to Miss D and Miss S.

Cathie and her crafty partner in crime, Steve Piacenza are always off on a new adventure.  Please visit their website here: Handmade Happy Hour.

Emmy Nomination, Outstanding Lifestyle Show
for Witch Crafts - 35th Emmy

Emmy Nomination, Outstanding Lifestyle Host
for Creative Juice - 34th Emmy

Innovation Award Nomination, Best New Product
for Hot Glue Gun Helpers, CHA

Innovation Award Nomination, Best New Product
for Mod Podge Podgeables, CHA

Television - Hosting
HGTV and DIY Network - Creative Juice, 104 episodes
HGTV and DIY Network - Witch Crafts, 6 part mini series
HGTV and DIY Network - For The Holidays, 1-Hour Special
DIY Network - Inside CHA, 1-Hour Special
DIY Network - Giftnanza, 1-Hour Special
DIY Network - Open House, 1-Hour Special
DIY Network - Wish List, 1-Hour Special

Television - Producing 
TLC - Craft Wars - Consulting Producer
VH-1 - Promo Girls - Producer - Pilot
HGTV - Creative Juice - Executive Producer - 104 episodes
DIY Network - Witch Crafts - Executive Producer - 6 part mini series
DIY Network - For The Holidays - Executive Producer - 1-Hour Special

Television - Guest
Oprah SYN - Dove Beauty Real Beauty
CBS - 35th Daytime Emmy Awards Presenter
CBS - 34th Daytime Emmy Awards Presenter
Discovery Channel - Monster House
NBC - IVillage Live
FOOD Network - Rachael Ray
RL Network - Florence Henderson Live
NBC - Morning Live Denver
CBS - View From The Bay
ABC - Good Morning Tulsa
QVC - Disney Hour
QVC Countdown to Christmas
QVC - Hanna Montana Hour
HSN - Crafts Hour
Tru TV - Operation Repo

Webisodes - Hosting and Project Design
Cathie and Steve for Mod Podge, Summer 2012
Plaid Craft TV, Plaid Enterprises, Spring 2011
Pick-Up Sticks, Demand Media
On The Menu, Demand Media

Product Lines
Hot Glue Gun Helpers (Best-selling item at HSN) - Nominated for Innovation Award at CHA
Cathie and Steve for Mod Podge
Mod Podge Craft Mat and Hot Glue Finger Caps
Glitter and Craft Supply by Cathie Filian

Books Authored, Written and Designed
101 Tees, Lark Books, August 2011
101 Snappy Fashions, Lark Books, 2010
Bow Wow WOW, Lark Books, 2009
Creative Juice Re-Crafting, Lark Books, 2008

Books Contributor
Mod Podge Rocks by Amy Anderson
Craft Corps by Vickie Howell
Button and Stitch by Kristen Rask
Craft Hope by Jade Sims
Bead Chic by Margot Potter
Natural Candle Making by Rebecca Ittner

Print Contributor
Real Simple
Better Homes and Gardens
Where Women Create
Everyday with Rachael Ray
Life Magazine
Womens World
Quick and Simple
Cutting Edge
Crafts n Things
Family Circle
Sew News
Elle Girl


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Loved you on Creative Juice!:)

  2. So excited to find you! I am so sorry to say I had not heard of you before Cathy Wooten sent me here! Your glue gun kit is so clever. I had used an old silcone cutting board, but I like the attachments you also include. Thanks for the groovy product!

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM



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