Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yesterday's Creative Juice on HGTV


  1. Hey Cathie and Steve we (kids and I) love your show! Are you airing new ones? Thanks for your reply!

  2. Hi Cap,

    We filmed 104 episodes of Creative Juice. They have all aired at one time or another. They were split between HGTV & DIY. We are not going to be filming anymore Creative Juice - but we do have a new show in development. As soon as I can spill the details I will!! Be sure to set a DVR for all episodes and that way you can see them all.

    Tell the kids I say hi! :)

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Hi Cathie,

    Wow. Thank you for this site. I love to watch Creative Juice but can never find the projects on DIY anymore. Can't wait for the new show.



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