Friday, September 11, 2009

Make it: Silk Flower Gift Tags

Make it: Silk Flower Gift Tags

Put the petal to the metal with silk flower gift tags that make any present pop.


Silk flower
Colored cardstock
Hole punch
Markers or pens
Scissors or large punch
Shank button
Thin ribbon


1. Disassemble a silk flower. If the shank of your button is bigger than the hole in the center of each petal piece, enlarge the holes with your scissors.

2. Create a tag with colored cardstock – either cut out a shape or use a paper punch. Punch a hole in the tag. Write the recipient’s name on the tag.

3. There are two ways to assemble the flower gift tag. The first way is to have the paper tag in the center of the flower. The second way is so that the paper tag is underneath the flower, poking out on one side. To assemble the gift tag the first way, place the paper tag on top of the petals, lining up the holes in the petals and the hole in the paper tag. Poke the shank of the button through the holes and thread a piece of thin ribbon through the shank. To assemble the tag the second way, follow the above steps, but place the paper tag underneath the petals rather than on top of them.

4. Tie onto a package.


  1. I love this information on how to make silk flower tags, thank you so much.

  2. Your silk flower so cute and also romantic.


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