Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Games: Guts and Goop

Ghoulish Gage of Ghastly Goop Spinner Game
Keep the kids and the party howling with a gross spinner game!

Spinner Supplies:
12” x 12” balsa wood
¼” x ¼” x 36” strip of Balsa wood
FolkArt Craft paint
Hot glue
Wooden skewer
Small nail
Polymer clay (Optional)
Scrap book paper & stickers

3 bowls
Spaghetti (Goblin Guts)
Prepared red-colored gelatin (Mummy Brains)
Grapes (Eyes of Newt)
Food coloring

1. Start by dividing the 12 x 12 piece of balsa wood into six sections using craft paint. Paint each section with a different color and sprinkle on some glitter while the paint is still wet. Determine where the center of the board is, and use a small nail to hammer a hole through the center.

2. Remove the nail and carefully work the wooden skewer through the hole from the bottom of the board so that the pointed end is up. Once in place, cut the excess skewer to be flush with the bottom of the balsa wood. Add a dab of hot glue at the base of the skewer to secure it.

3. Trim off a piece of your balsa wood strip to act as the spinner – paint it the desired color. Once the paint is dry, use the same technique with a small nail to carefully create a hole at one end of your strip of balsa wood for the spiked end of the skewer to feed through.

4. Place your spinner in the center with the wooden skewer fed through the end. Using polymer clay, create a small stopper to place on the tip of the skewer to ensure that the spinner does not come off.

5. Label each section of your board. You can paint directly on the board or create little figurines out of polymer clay and scraps of left over balsa wood. Get as creative as you want.

6. For the spaces that are used for drawing cards simply use scrap booking paper and stickers to make them fun and colorful. Use your imagination to think of fun and funky tasks for each card. (like truth or dare)

7. The “Mummy Brains” are mashed up red gelatin, sprigs from a bunch of grapes & a little food coloring.

8. The “Eyes of Newt” are peeled grapes in a bowl of water with a little bit of food coloring.

9. The “Goblin Guts” are cold boiled spaghetti mixed with the grape peels and a little bit of food coloring.

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