Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Games: Pin the Fangs on the Vampire

Felt “Pin the Fangs on the Vampire” Game

16” x 20” frame
Spray mount
Sticky back hook and loop tape, such as Velcro
Spray fabric glitter
36” x 36” red felt (background & mouth)
9” x 12” felt in the following colors:
1 piece beige (face, ears & hands)
1 piece black (eyes, hair & pants)
1 piece white (fangs & eyes)
3 pieces green (cape & eyes)
1 piece purple (cape collar)
2 pieces blue (jacket)
Clear rhinestones (eyes)
Red rhinestones (buttons)
Fabric-Tac glue

1. Remove the cardboard backing from the picture frame, and trim a piece of red felt to 18” x 22” to fully cover the backing. Using spray adhesive, spray the cardboard backing, and mount the felt to the cardboard, leaving some overhang. Smooth out any wrinkles, and place the felt-covered backing back in the frame.

2. Using the picture as a guide, cut the felt pieces to create the face, teeth and jacket. Glue into place.

3. Once all pieces are glued into place, add rhinestones to accent the vampire’s eyes and as buttons for his jacket.

4. (Optional) Add spray glitter for flare. If using spray glitter allow about one hour of drying time before playing.

5. Attach strips of sticky back hook and loop tape to each set of fangs using only the “hook” portion of the hook and loop tape.

6. Hang on the wall for hours of fun.

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