Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PASW Awards Gala

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This Thursday is the Awards Gala for Performing Arts Studio West. I am on the volunteer committee and have 40 centerpieces to make !

The awards are honoring great people in entertainment who support and cast actors with disabilities. The honorees are Robert David Hall, Brenda Hampton and John Levey.

The honorary committee includes Josie Bissett, Greg Byers, Baily Chase, Gregory Cruz, Cathie Filian, Scott Grimes, Marilyn Hassett, Kenny Joghnson, Stanley Jordan, Daren Kagasoff, Tom McLoughlin, Nancy Miller, Megan park, Paul Peterson, Steve Piacenza, Molly Ringwald, Emily Rose, John Schneider and Mel Stewart

For More Information about PASW please visit: www.pastudiowest.com

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