Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Onesies: Photoshoot Day!

Lights, Camera, Onesies!
Houston we almost have a book!

17 babies from 9 weeks-18 months are being photographed for my new book 100 Onesies! (Lark Books/Spring 2010)

Word on the street is that some of the babies are really working the camera! A few of the babies are models, but some have never done this before and are tiny friends of Lark Books.

Some are being photographed laying flat and some are even dancing! Little Grayson (in the santa baby onesie) kept crawling off set to his mommy...can you blame him.

Ready to be shot!

The book features 100/101 different techniques for embellishing & altering a baby onesie and 156 different designed onesies to inspire your creativity and imagination.

This is the tiniest baby!

He/she is wearing a design from the holidays chapter. So tiny and sweet.

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  1. Aaaaw ... thanks for sharing these. What gun that must have been - hard work too though, I'm sure.


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