Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling all New Yorkers!!! Sprout Film Festival!

Still Photo From Acting Normal.

Nick Daley & Holly Hunter
on the set of TNT's Saving Grace

My producing partner, Greg Byers, has worked for over two years on a very important documentary called Acting Normal. This 35 minute film will be featured at the Sprout Touring Film Festival and can be seen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Uris Education Center - Saturday May 2nd - 4:30 pm.

Have a peek at the trailer here! Acting Normal You Tube Trailer

If acting wasn't a hard enough job to land, throw in being disabled and see what reaction you'd get. That's the challenge John Paizis and the folks at Performing Arts Studio West face every day in the entertainment biz.

"Acting Normal" is an intimate and cultural look at this group of individual's lives and showing that "normal" is what life gives you and what you decide to do with it.

For additional information about this film please visit its details page: http://www.gosprout.org/film/sff2009/...

A little bit more about the sprout film festival....
For a schedule of the films being screened click here.
For general info click here.
For ticket info click here.

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