Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Blog Recap

Thanksgiving Blog Recap

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking up a storm with a house full of family and friends, and using my new (and first ever) dishwasher to clean up the whole mess! Below I have complied a list of my Thanksgiving blogs and some tips and tricks for a smooth Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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Thyme & Cheese Appetizer
Roasted Veggies
Maple Sweet Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce & Leftover Ideas
Oven Bag Roasted Turkey

Pumpkin Pietini

Table Setting:
Centerpiece Ideas & Copper Painted Table Runner

Fall Leaf Place Cards:
Simple Place Setting Etiquette

Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities:
Copper Mesh Tea Lights
Clove & Orange Candle holders
Delightful Doggy Bags
Things to do with family on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

list it: A week before make a check list of what you will be serving. Then create a shopping list of all your needs. Shop in advance.

no mess: I love to use cooking bags for cooking the turkey, they are a “no brainer” way to cook a moist turkey and the clean up is a snap.

Too many cooks in the kitchen: The meal is ready and you need space to dish it out! Keep guests occupied out of the kitchen, make some funny trivia cards or have a camera on hand and designate a guest to take a fe pre-dinner pictures.

tight spaces: Carve the turkey in the kitchen and platter the meat with an additional side dish like stuffing.

small dishes: I like to use individual ramekins for making mini sweet potato casseroles (one for each guest). I make them the day before and just re-heat on Thanksgiving day. The ramekins can be placed right on to a guest’s plate and you won’t need any additional serving dishes on the table or space on a buffet table.

enlist help: Ask friends or family to bring extra side dishes.
no buffet no problem: You can create a buffet out of almost any piece of furniture. Just drape the furniture with festive fabric of a tablecloth and use protective trivets – and you got yourself a buffet.

cook early: Make as many dishes ahead of time as possible – like cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole rolls, salad & pies.

oven safe: Try to use serving dishes that are oven safe. You can prepare meals in advance and reheat in the serving dish.

pies: If you are not going to bake pies… just pick a few up at your local bakery. Just remember – you might need to pre order.

no table?: Don’t worry if you don’t have a traditional dining table, A low coffee table can be doctored up with a few floor cushions and a table runner. You can pick up folding tables and chairs at any discount store. If you don’t want to buy - most cities have rental shops that will rent additional chairs for $3-$5 each.

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