Friday, November 14, 2008

bake it: Maple Sweet Potatoes

Maple Sweet Potatoes - You will want to make double!

shopping list:

3 1/2 Pounds Sweet Potatoes
Salt and Pepper
1/3 Cup Maple Syrup
4 Tablespoons Butter, Soft
Chopped Pecans
Electric Mixer

peel: Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into 1/2 inch thick slices.

boil: Place the potatoes in a stock pot, cover with cold water, add 1 tsp of salt, cover and
bring to a boil.

uncover: Once the water is boiling, remove cover, boil until the potatoes are very soft. -
about 10 min.

drain: Drain the potatoes in a colander.

combine: Add the syrup, butter, and salt and pepper to taste to the pan. Add the drained

whip: Use an electric hand mixer to whip the potatoes. Begin on low and increase as needed.

top: Transfer to a table ready bowl and top with a few chopped pecans.

make ahead: This can be prepared earlier in th day and reheated just prior to meal time.

serves: 8 prep: 20 min cook: 1 hr


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Ohmygosh, Cathie! I like sweet potatoes any way I can get 'em :-)

  2. This looks like traditional yummy Thanksgiving! Thanks, Cathie! Love you on Creative Juice! You've got great energy! Suzie


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