Thursday, March 05, 2015

10 Creative Ideas for Spring

Spring is just around the corner for some and bursting out here in California.  Here are a few design ideas to kick start the sunshine. Plus a fun fun studded purse!

1. Lucky Pot Pin via Radmeagan

2. The Mod Melter is launching at HSN via Plaid's YouTube

3. Bejeweled Cuffs via Mark Montano

4. Stamped Cuff via DIY Doyenne

5. Glittered Easter Eggs via Handmade Happy Hour

6. Stamped Pendant via My Crafty Adventures

7. Mod Podge Party Cooler via Handmade Happy Hour and Plaid

8. How to use Home Decor Chalk via Plaid's YouTube

9. Tie-dyed Slips via Creative Juice

10. Studded Tote Purse via Trinkets in Bloom

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