Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sewing Tutorial: Stitch a Fabric Memory Matching Game

Sewing Tutorial: Stitch a Fabric Memory Matching Game

This quick and easy project is perfect for using up little scraps of fabric.  Kids will love playing with and when it gets dirty you can just toss the squares into the wash.

 Look for prints that kids will love.  For me, that means raiding my fabric bins.
You will also need a fabric for the backs.

You will need:

backing fabric
(i used birch trees - this will be the same for each square)

fun bold prints

cotton batting

sewing supplies

You will need to make two matching squares per print.
You can make as many pairs of squares as you wish. 

For each set of matching squares:
Cut two 5"x5" squares of a matching print, a background print and cotton batting.

Position one backing fabric square and one matching print right-sides together.  Place onto of the cotton batting square and pin around the edges.

Sew around the edges.  Make sure you leave a small opening for turning. 
Clip the corners to remove bulk.

Turn right-side out and top-stitch around the outer edge.  Repeat for all the remaining squares.

I also stitched up a little zipper bag to hold all the squares.

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  1. That's really cute for little ones to play memory match.
    Easy project, & good use of fabric scraps too!

    1. Thanks! This one I made for my nephew..I'm stitching a second set for our little one. :)


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