Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Diary, A few bumps, bruises and rip-offs are not going to get me down.

A few bumps, bruises and rip-offs are not going to flipping stop me.  Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.  It has been a really hard couple of weeks.  Really hard....and even though I have cried my eyes out and pounded my fist over the past few weeks.....I am so grateful for my guardian angels and the support of the art & craft community.  I truly feel blessed to be in this industry and will continue my efforts with joy, pride and piss &  vinegar!

It all started a few weeks ago when greed got the best of someone {Story about someone #2 is coming soon!} Steve and I suffered because of it.  I was mad, hurt and more determined than ever.  I'm not a greedy person so it was pretty hard for me to deal with it.  I turned the experience into a learning experience and decided to move on and take a vacation/blog trip to NYC.  My hubby was away in NYC filming Chef Wanted so it was perfect! {I had no idea someone #2 was just around the corner}

me and the hubby on set

 2 of my cousins

I landed in NYC...... went to visit the hubs at set, went to see a long time bestie and then went to dinner at my cousins house.  We ate and had wine till just after 1 am.  He is super special to me so spending time with him was really awesome.  He walked me out, got me a cab and I was off to our accommodations on 34th and Park.  I called Eddie and he had just wrapped so we would be meeting in 5min at the apartments.....or so I thought.

I took this picture.  I texted my friend.

Then I woke up with my face down on the pavement and half my body under a parked car. I was 15 feet away from my cab.  I don't remember a thing.  Not a thing!  And yes....I'm getting a good chuckle that my cab was advertising a "gentleman's club" - lordy!  I am not sure how but I am OK!  I was pretty banged up and am still recovering and have Post Concussion Syndrome.  It will go away in a few weeks.  Nothing broken.  Well I did break a finger nail!  No internal bleeding and no brain problems.  It wasn't my time.....we have our baby on the way and somehow angels carried me to safety.  I spent 10 hours in ER and was treated by the amazing team at NY Presbyterian Cornell.

As the shock started to wear off, I spent days just bursting into tears.  The overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love for life was almost to much to handle. 

I did get to do a few fun things in NYC......

We cheered on the 49ers from our apartment.

We got to see snow!

I got to finally meet my online pal Angela in real life!  Friends since 2006!

I hobbled my sore body and swollen face up to the Michaels in Manhattan! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I got to meet Laura and Jason's boys for the first time!! AMAZING!

I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral.....and said a little prayer.

What I learned.....

Life is never as planned and a few
bumps, bruises and rip-offs
are not going to flipping stop me.



  1. You're such an inspiration. I remember watching your's and Steve's show years ago and found my calling. I now have my own little online shop, selling the things I love making and it is all thanks to you and Steve!

    I'm so glad your guardian angel protected you that night. You are on a mission and it is not time for you to go. You must keep going, inspiring other people like you have me.

    Thanks so much for posting the link to the finger protectors on my wall. I totally squealed, you are my super star! ~.^


    1. Thank you for your kind words!!! I means the world to me! xoxoxo

  2. Love you, Cathie. We're all in this together and you certainly help keep us all in check to what living the good life is all about! xoxo!

    1. Kathy! You are a true spirit that I admire and love. We are ALL IN THIS!! xo :)

  3. Keep your chin up little lady. You are truly an inspirational trooper! I'm glad we are friends! Stay blessed! ;)

    1. Thank you. I was so happy to finally get to see you in real life.xoxoxoox

  4. Your angels were definitely watching out for you that day!! I'm so glad you're safe! We'll have to swap angel stories some day, I have a few of my own.
    So sorry about the rats!! Don't let them get you down, I'm pretty sure you have loads of good Karma points, you will win in the end!


    1. Oh yes... please lets swap tales. Legal is working on the rats...hehe. I so want to hear YOUR stories. I really believe.

  5. Eesh! Glad to hear that your bumps, bruises and a bit of lost time are the worst that happened.

  6. Dear Cathie:
    I am stunned about this situation that happened to you! I cannot believe you had this horrible accident. I am terribly sorry! I am thrilled that you made it to the east coast, but bummed I did not get to meet you :( I am in Alexandria, Virginia, which is about 5 hours south of NYC. If you plan another east coast trip, I hope to be able to meet you!

    I love your lessons learned and your wonderful, potent sprit of moving on with life! Did I read your post correctly? Are you and your husband expecting? If so, congratulations! When is your expected due date?

    Please connect with me if you are able to!

    From one of your biggest fans, Amanda Socci

  7. You are amazingly resilient...truly admire you...take care not to become overwhelmed by all these events...hope legal are going to take the rats to the cleaners...what they have done is theft of the very worst company has been there...and I fought for it for all it was worth and won...
    And expecting a little baby? Congratulations Cathie and for this alone...take it kind to yourself...
    Warm greetings from south africa

  8. I am so glad you are O.K.!!!

  9. Oh I'm so sorry you had these bad experiences! But I'm glad that you are okay in the end. Do take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Sometimes the emotional is much harder to deal with than the physical injury.
    So so glad you are not seriously injured!

  10. Oh My Goodness Kathy!! I just read your post. I'm extreamly happy to see that you are on the mend. Wow girl I just saw you in January at CHA and you were looking great as always! You take care of yourself!

  11. So glad you are going to be okay! How scary that must have been for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I hope all the rats will stay away too!

  12. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Wow you were not kidding that you were in a bad accident. So glad you are ok. Cant wait to read story 2.

  13. Hi Cathie, we are glad that you are OK. In turkish we say "Gecmis olsun" means "it is over and get well soon very quickly"


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