Monday, May 07, 2012

HSN bound! Join me for two scrapbooking shows - May 10th and 11th!

Steve and I are thrilled that Hot Glue Gun Helpers are moving to the scrapbooking shows at HSN!  When we developed Hot Glue Gun Helpers it was because we wanted to help prevent burns and cross hot glue into other craft paper arts and mixed media.

So when we got the news that our tools would be moving to the scrapbbook shows we were beyond thrilled!

Please join me at HSN!

May 10th - 5am Eastern
May 11th - Noon Eastern 


Here is a Sneak Peek
at the designs we will be showcasing...


  1. I've done all kinds of crafts and sewing projects, but never got into scrapbooking. My boss, mother of four, works 45 hours a week and deserves something really nice, like scrapbooking supplies to make something nice for herself:) Wish you had a contest or giveaway that I could give to her for Mother's day:) Love your blog!

  2. I have the hot glue gun helpers and I LOVE them, I use them a lot in my videos.

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