Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Faux Silkscreen: Freezer Paper Stencils

This is a project from my book, 101 Tees!

Freezer paper stencils are a quick and a practically fail proof way to create your own painted tee design.  When the stencil is ironed to the tee the paper sticks and you get virtually no bleed-through with your paint.

Look for freezer paper at your grocery store or big box shop.  The paper will be waxed on one side and paper on the other.  Butcher and wax paper will not work.  For ease of cutting, always use a sharp craft knife and a self-healing mat.

Hand draw your own design, print a design or for look clip art to use.

Scrap Paper
Freezer Paper
Craft Knife
Self Healing Mat
Stencil Brush
FolkArt Brown Fabric Paint

1. Using scrap paper draw a simple image.  Make a stencil of the sketch by laying freezer paper (wax side down) over the sketch, tape them together. Tape both pieces to the self-healing mat. Use the sharp craft knife to cut out the design leaving a border around the design.  (keep any insides of the letters.....like in a o, e or a)

2. Using a ruler as a guide, align the cutout on the tee. Use a warm iron to attach the wax side of the paper to the tee.

3. Dab a stencil brush in brown fabric paint. You want to work with a semi-dry brush, so tap off enough excess paint. Working up and down, tap the brush over the stencil.

4. Allow the paint to dry. Peel off the stencil and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to heat set the paint.

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