Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video Tutorial: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads with the Tri-Bead Roller and Pigment Powders

Watch us Make Polymer Clay Beads with the Tri-Bead Roller and Pigment Powders.  It is a snap!

1/2 2 oz. block Premo: Pearl
Powdered Pigments
Sculpey gloss polymer clay finish
Wax paper
Round nose pliers
Wire clippers
Crimp pliers (optional)
Small spoon of stir stick
Brush for Sculpey gloss
Sculpey Super Slicer
Toaster oven
Aluminum Foil
Oven thermometer
Oven mitts
Tri bead Roller
Acrylic Clay Roller
Jewelry wire
Crimp bead
Crimping pliers
Jewelry spacers

 Behind the scenes of Creative Juice

1. Prepare clay: Take 1/2 of a block of the pearl clay and knead it in your hands and with the acrylic roller until soft. Add pigments to dough.

2. Roll the clay into small balls and shapes using the tri bead roller.

3. With the spiral laid flat between to fingers, slide a needle through the center of the bead.

4. Fold aluminum foil into an accordion style shape to keep the beads separated.

5. Bake all 15 beads on aluminum foil accordion for 20 minutes at 275 degrees (F), and allow them to cool.

6. Paint one side of each bead with Sculpey gloss and allow it to dry. Flip bead over and coat the second side and edges of each bead with Sculpey gloss. Allow gloss to dry.

7. Make the bracelet:   String one end of the jewelry wire through a crimp bead, one side of lobster clasp and back through crimp bead. Crimp with crimping pliers.  String beads and spacers to make the bracelet.  After stringing the last bead, thread wire through a crimp bead, the other side of the clasp and back through the crimp bead. Crimp with crimping pliers.  Snip ends of wire.


  1. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I always wondered how to do this. Now I've gotta try it!
    My mom and I love watching you guys! : )

    1. Thanks! I love this little gadget! :)

  2. This is one of my favorite episodes! I bought the clay and bead maker long ago and used the beads to make stitch markers for knitting. Must unearthen my supplies and make more!

    1. Thanks! me too! I have an itch to make more beads... :)


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