Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Make This: Bottle Cap Pendants

 Altered Bottle Caps
Here is an oldie but goodie! 
This is from season 1 of Creative Juice!

Bottle Cap Charm Instructions:
bottle caps
small images
1" circle punch
Mod Podge
Dimensional Magic
sewing pin
small nail
wooden board

1. If you want to use a jump ring: punch one hole through the rim of each bottle cap with a hammer and nail. Use an old wood board as a work surface. If you want to glue the charm: you will not need to punch a hole.

2. Use the 1" circle punch to cut the image into a circle. Glue the image to the to the inside of the bottle cap and allow to dry. If you punched a hole: Make sure the image is facing up, toward the punched hole.  Glue into the cap with a drop of Mod Podge.

3. Seal the image with a thick coating of Dimensional Magic and allow it to dry following the manufacturer's instructions. If you get an air bubble, poke the bubble with a sewing pin. Allow to dry unmoved for at least 24 hours.

4. To make a single pendant, use jewelry pliers to attach a jump ring through the punched hole and slide onto a necklace.

5. You can also glue them to findings, frames, magnets, etc using a strong glue like E6000.


  1. Those are really cute and updated.

  2. Nice collection hey that's really pretty cool. Yesterday my girlfriend find more caps on Bottle Caps

  3. Beautiful bottle caps necklaces. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas.


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