Monday, September 28, 2009

make it: baby yoga mat

make it: baby yoga mat

Babies can stretch out with this no-sew yoga play mat that seamlessly combines soft fabric and padding.

Fleece – green and brown
1/2” foam

1. Prewash and dry your fabric before starting. Cut the foam into a 24” x 36” piece. Cut a piece from each of your fleeces that is 30” x 42”. (To make a mat with your own dimensions, cut the foam to the desired size of your mat, and cut the fleece to that dimension plus six inches.)

2. Lay down one of your pieces of fleece. (If the fleece has a right and a wrong side, the wrong side should face up.) Center the foam on top of the fleece, and place the second piece of fleece on top of the foam, right side up (if applicable).

3. Cut a 3” square from each corner, cutting through both layers of fleece but not cutting through the foam. Lay your yardstick on top of the mat so that the yardstick edge is flush with the edge of the foam. Make cuts through both layers of fleece at one-inch intervals, stopping when you reach the foam. Do this on all four sides.

4. Use an overhand knot to tie the green fringe and the brown fringe together along all four sides of the mat.

5. To care for the mat, remove the fleece by untying the knots and wash. Place the foam in between to two pieces of fleece and retie the knots.


  1. This is adorable Can I pass this one on to my followers?

  2. Hi Helen,

    Yes please share! and Thanks.



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