Monday, September 28, 2009

make it: baby snapuit and nursing necklaces

make it: baby snapuit and nursing necklaces

These cool breakaway necklaces look stylish on mom, but are totally safe for little hands. They are made with magnetic clasps and links so they won't break. Alter a baby snapsuit with homemade flavor by using patches and glitter fabric pens.

Nursing Necklaces

Jewelry beading wire
Heavy-duty magnetic clasp
Round-nosed jewelry pliers (two pairs)
Jewelry wire cutters
Glass beads in birthstone colors, donuts and crystal shapes
Large jump rings
Donut shaped pendants (acrylic or shell)

1. Use the wire cutters to snip a 3-4” length of jewelry wire. With the round-nosed pliers, create a loop in one end. Thread on an assortment of crystal beads. Clip the un-curled end of the wire with enough room to make another loop. Loop the end.

2. Use the round-nosed pliers to open a large jump ring and attach to one end of the beaded wire. Continue making links for the necklace in this way until you reach the desired length.

3. Thread a donut shaped pendant onto the necklace.

4. Use the round-nosed pliers to attach jump rings to each end of the necklace, and attach either piece of the magnetic clasp to each of these jump rings.

Buddha-ful Onesie

Solid, non-printed onesie
Iron-on Buddha patch
Pressing cloth
Blue painters tape
Glitter fabric paint pen
Wax paper

1. Pre-wash and dry the onesie to remove sizing. Position the Buddha patch on the onesie in the desired position. Set the iron on high and place a pressing cloth over the patch. Put the iron on the pressing cloth and apply even pressure for 30-40 seconds. Turn the onesie inside out and iron the back of the patch for 20 seconds to reinforce.

2. Turn the onesie right side out and slide a piece of wax paper inside to prevent paint bleeding through to the back of the shirt. To help you keep the text straight, place a piece of blue painters tape on the onesie where the bottom edge of the text will be.

3. Write “Buddha-ful” on the onesie with a glitter fabric paint pen; you can use a computer printout of the text to refer to as you write. To activate the pen, press the spring-loaded tip down on a piece of scrap paper until paint flows. Allow the paint to dry flat overnight and heat-set with a hot iron.

4. Care for the onesie by washing and drying on the delicate cycle.


  1. Tanya7:17 PM

    I don't get it. What does that necklace have to do with nursing?

  2. Hi, The necklaces have safe dangles for baby's small fingers, the beads are all interlocked so they are not a choking hazard and the clasps are magnetic so they don't break and cause a chocking hazard.

    They are perfect for new mommies!!



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