Monday, September 28, 2009

arrange it: tall skinny vases

arrange it: tall skinny vases

Tall skinny vases are a great decorator item. But, they can be had to arrange. Here are a few quick ideas for showing off tall vases.

You can use bushy flower sprays, such as acacia, dendrobium orchids, and Australian tea rose or a single orchid spray. Dried pods, peacock feathers, beaded stems or silk silver dollar sprays are also good choices.

To make forward facing arrangements:

Lay stems of bushy flower sprays, such as acacia, dendrobium orchids and Australian tea rose on a tabletop. Trim to the correct lengths. For woody stems, such as the tea rose, hammer the ends of the woody stems after trimming at a 45-degree angle. (This technique enhances water absorption.)

Layer the stems, with the bushiest varieties on the bottom. Bind the stems together with a cable tie. Do any additional trimming necessary. Insert into the vase and display against a wall.

To make a single spray arrangement:

Simply insert a single dendrobium orchid spray into a narrow, tall vase.

To make a pod, feather or silk silver dollar arrangement:

Insert two or three stems of pods, feathers or sprays into the narrow vase. Repeat with additional stems for maximum impact.

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