Monday, September 28, 2009

arrange it: simple orchids and silks

arrange it: simple orchids and silks

Bring out the beauty of orchids and silk succulents with minimalist displays that let the flowers speak for themselves.

Live Submerged Orchids

Large fishbowl style glass container
Cymbidium orchid stem

1.Snip the blooms from the orchid stem, approximately ¼” from the bloom.

2.Fill the glass container just less than halfway full. Gently drop the blooms into the water and allow them to submerge.

Silk Orchid Display

Silk orchid spray
Shallow, wide-mouthed glass container

1. Bend the stem of the orchid so that there is a flat section about a couple of inches long.

2. Hot glue the bent bottom of the stem to the bottom of the glass container. Fill the container with pebbles.

Artificial Succulent Resin Arrangement

Three artificial succulent stems
Shallow, straight walled glass bowl
Small pebbles
“Everlasting Elegance” resin
Disposable mixing container
Popsicle stick
Vinyl or latex gloves

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the container, pebbles, and succulents.

2. Spread the pebbles 1-2” thick on the bottom of the container.

3. Wearing gloves, combine the two solutions included in the “Everlasting Elegance” package in a disposable mixing container. Follow the instructions and ratios provided by the manufacturer. Slowly stir for two minutes with a popsicle stick, until the cloudiness disappears. Scrape the sides occasionally.

4. Pour the mixture over the pebbles. Pour until the “water” secures all of the pebbles, but leaves some exposed and jutting out.

5. Cut the succulents with pruning shears so that they will be just higher than the pebbles. Cut them slightly different heights for interest. Nestle them into the pebbles. Allow it to set for three days.

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