Saturday, March 07, 2009

Make It: Shipping Tag Scrapbook

Make It: Shipping-Tag Scrapbook

Create a mini brag book with shipping tags. This one was created with photos and postcards from my Honeymoon in Australia. Featured on the Global Shipping episode of Creative Juice.

16 large shipping tags
grosgrain ribbon
1 yd. decorative ribbon
acid-free heavy-duty paper glue
photos of family and friends
scrapbook embellishments
rubber stamps
fun papers
pigment inkpad
funky fibers & yarns


Rub the edges of the shipping tags along the inkpad to create an antiqued appearance.

Lay eight of the tags 1/2" apart on a work surface.

Using heavy-duty glue, adhere a strip of grosgrain ribbon across the center of all eight tags.

3. Glue the remaining eight tags on top of the tags already attached to the ribbon; this creates a surface with two sides to decorate.

Decorate each shipping tag to create a mini scrapbook page.

Tie fibers through the hole at the top of each tag to make a hang-tag.

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