Sunday, May 06, 2012

My Week in Pictures

I created a cookie monster..... Little Max is 14 years old and he sleeps all day long except for when it comes time for his mini cookies - then he acts like a wild teenager.

I wore this to a BIG meeting.  I have had this skirt for over 10 years and I still adore it!  The meeting went awesome and we are moving on to another round.

I baked with tofu....a first for me.

Steve and I crafted with our new product line.  It's been a long journey. They are coming soon to Michaels. It has been worth the wait. Proof that you HAVE to keep going for it, keep believing and keep swinging.

 Things got messy when I tie-dyed old bed sheets to make outdoor throws.  Love this color!!

We got the infinity fountain installed, bamboo wall up and  24 bags of river rock placed.  Full blog post on the makeover is coming soon!

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