Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plaid Craft TV: Altered Cowgirl Apron and Bonus Kitchen Linens!

Plaid Craft TV: Cowgirl Inspired Altered Apron

In this episode we are altering a $4.00 apron into a cowgirl shabby apron.  We used paint, stencils, rhinestones, iron-ons, etc.  This is one project where anything goes.  We have a bonus idea...we are using iron-ons to quickly transform place-mats and dishtowels. 

Country Cowgirl Apron Materials:
Folkart Acrylic Paint – Butter Pecan 939
Folkart Acrylic Paint – Summer Peach 2549
Folkart Acrylic Paint – Fuchsia 635
Folkart Acrylic Paint – Ballet Pink 438
Folkart Acrylic Paint for Fabric Metallic Inca Gold 4430
Folkart Acrylic Paint for Fabric Metallic Copper
Plaid Metallic Foil Iron-ons 93226
4” Icon Stencils 29364
Apron (Washed and Light Colored)
Masking Tape
Foam Paintbrush
Stick of Hot Glue
Iron and Press Cloth
Scrap of Fabric (light colored)
Embroidery Floss and Needle
Gem Glue
Ruffle Trim
Sewing Machine


Lay the apron flat and apply evenly spaced masking tape from top to bottom. Press the edges of the tape to ensure a good bond.

Using a foam paintbrush and Butter Pecan paint, dry brush paint in between the tape. Add highlights of gold paint, by dry brushing Metallic Inca Gold over the Butter Pecan. Allow to dry and remove the tape.

Dip the end of a hot glue stick into Ballet Pink paint. Press the glue stick onto the apron in the strip area, continue painting until the stripe is polka-dotted. (where the tape was) Repeat this process adding a few dots per stripe with Summer Peach paint.

Working in the corner, position the star stencil on the apron. Using a spouncer paintbrush and Metallic Copper paint, stencil 3 stars onto the apron. Allow to dry.

Heat set all the paint by placing a pressing cloth over the paint, iron with a hot iron no steam.

Adhere the iron-on to the light colored scrap fabric. Follow the package instructions. Cut around the iron-on design and sew to the apron near the stars. Using embroidery floss, hand sew a running stitch around the star shapes.

Using gem glue, attach the rhinestones to the center of the Summer Peach polka-dots. Sew a ruffle trim around the sides of the apron. Sew a double ruffle across the top of the apron.


Bonus Idea:
Embellished Placemats and Dishtowels

You can quickly alter dishtowels, place-mats or other kitchen items with iron-ons.  So fast so fun!

 Artsy Appliqué 94491 Cherries

 Artsy Appliqué 98106 Apple 

Artsy Appliqué 98097 Modern Tree

Following the package instructions, attach 1 or more iron-ons to either a placemat or a dishtowel.

For extra embellishment, sew a running stitch around the outer edge of the placemat, glue rhinestones to the iron-ons or add additional trims by sewing or fabric gluing them to the material.


  1. Very crafty. Thanks for sharing! Might as well do this.

  2. i like the modern tree effect


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