Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Altered Mini Jars

Altered mini jars are popping up all over!  You can stuff them with everything from love notes to trinkets.  They are great for storing small beads and glitter too.  I was so excited when I spotted them for my shop!  I ordered a slew of them and have been making many different designs with them.

I especially love the idea of building a glass shrine or a mini terrarium with one.  To make a piece of jewelry, just wrap the neck with a few loops of twine or jump-ring some chain and dangle some charms around the neck.

The corks fill the opening nicely and are easy to remove.  They can be glued with a drop of two if you want to secure the cork.

I have the jars in the Alter Me section of the store.  You can see that section here.  They are sold by the dozen, 2" tall, 7/8" across the bottom, they come with cork toppers and they are clear glass.


  1. Chris Wooten sent me! what a great site you have here!! Thanks Chris!

  2. Chris Wooten sent me. I love your blog, it is full of amazing things! Love it,
    love it!!!

  3. Chris Wooten sent me too! ^_^ And I LOVEEE that she did! sooo many awesome things to look at and DO! ohmy! I just might have to camp out here!!!

  4. lovely blog!
    Chris Wooten sent me over to you too! Very pleased she did :-)

  5. Chris Wooten sent me! What fun projects you have. I LOVE those little jars!!!


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