Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Revamped Trunk - 70's Style

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza
Homemade Hardware on Creative Juice

'70s Storage Locker

The '70s are making a comeback, and with this groovy storage locker decorated with lace trim, you’ll be packing in style.

small footlocker
wide lace trim
thin rattail cord
tacky glue
dark red acrylic paint
acrylic primer
medium paintbrush
glazing medium
gold Rub N Buff

1. Tape off trunk hardware to protect from accidental paint drips.

2. In a bowl, mix white glue with water. Cut lace to fit edges, sides and top of trunk. Using a foam brush, apply glue directly to the trunk and attach lace.

3. Attach rattail cord to the trunk with glue mixture, creating decorative swirls, zigzags, patterns, etc. Use other pieces of lace to create flower shapes; just be sure to work on one side at a time (face up) and allow the strings to dry before moving to the next side.

4. Apply primer to entire trunk, making sure to really work the primer into the lace. Let dry overnight.

5. Apply red paint to the trunk; as with the primer, push the paint down into the lace and rattail cording. The process uses a large amount of paint, so make sure to allow a couple of days for the paint to dry.

6. Apply gold Rub N Buff to lace edges to bring out detail.

7. Remove the tape.

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