Saturday, November 07, 2009

make your own silver storage bags

pacific cloth & anti-tarnish silver storage bags

Every year about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, I do a check of my serving pieces and silver. What needs to be polished? What has chips? And, do I need any additional serving pieces?

I am actually such a big dork that I place small note cards in the dishes and and on the platters so I know what I am serving in what. I also do a trial table setting. This drives my hubby crazy - but for me, it is peace of mind.

If I need new pieces, I always head to my favorite shops for table-top...Target always has great seasonal serving dishes and accessories. TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and Home Goods are also great places to "hunt and peck" for finds. It is not always 100% that you will find the perfect piece - but when you get get lucky, you can get really lucky!

When it comes to silver, I try the "preventative medicine approach". I have been lucky to inherit my great aunts silver flatware and a few pieces from my grandmother. I have also collected platters, compotes, small dishes and serving pieces though extensive Christmas wish lists (Thank You Parents) and antique shopping.

Silver tarnishes when it is exposed to air over a period of time. Eventually, severe tarnishing can lead to a weakening of the piece and way more work before big family meals. I have few simple tips and tricks for "preventive silver medicine".

1. After each use, wash pieces in warm soapy water. Make sure the pieces are completely dry.

2. For platters and serving dishes, use silver storage bags made from silver cloth. You can purchase these from department stores, home shops or the container store. If you want to make your own - just follow the simple instructions below. (p.s. They also make nice wedding gifts) For flatware, invest in a good storage box. They are generally wood and lined with silver cloth. They will hold a full set of flatware and serving pieces.

3. Don't wrap pieces in newspaper, cling wrap or wrapping paper. This can cause damage over time.

Make Your Own Bags!


Pacific Cloth/Silver Cloth (here is some from amazon)
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Embroidery hoop
Embroidery floss in light colors
Embroidery needle
Sewing machine

Notes: Pacific cloth or silver cloth is treated to prevent tarnish in silver and other precious metals. Look for this fabric online or at your local fabric shop. Sometimes it has to be ordered.

If you have leftover scraps - use them for making small jewelry storage bags.


1. Sew a simple pillow case style bag out of silver cloth by cutting two squares of fabric the same size. (measure your silver trays to obtain the proper size needed – just add an 2" extra for the seam allowances and an extra 3" to the top) Sew around three sides of the bag and hem the opening.

2. To add an embroidered embellishment, Slip on side of the bag into a hoop, use tailors chalk to mark a monogram and embroider. A back stitch works well for this project.


  1. Abbie Harris11:32 AM

    Thanks for sharing this information. (Isn't the internet wonderful?!?) I have priced silver storage bags and they are out of my range, so I am glad to know that you can buy silver cloth...My sewing skills are extremely minimal, but even I can figure this out. BTW, I too am a Thanksgiving dork: I have put labels on serving dishes for years. It helps me know if I need to find additional dishes, and it helps my Mom and daughter know what goes where so they can be helpful instead of having to ask me. Hooray for the DORKS!!!

  2. I love it Abbie! labeling dishes is the best way! Dorks! :)


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