Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indian Paper-poms w/ Potpourri & Spice

Indian Paper-poms w/ Potpourri & Spice
From the Creative Juice - Re-Craft Book and TV Show

Capture the exotic smells of India with paper poms filled with potpourri and spices.

It was a long day on set....taking a quick cat nap!

Small rubber balls (such as racquetballs)
Petroleum jelly
White glue
Disposable drinking cups
Rubber band
Craft knife
Small craft cork
FolkArt craft paint
Spray varnish
Hot glue
Potpourri and spices, such as star anise, cloves, fennel, etc.

1. Coat each rubber ball with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

2. Make a glue solution from one-part white glue and one-part water. Tear small strips of newspaper, coat with glue solution, and adhere to the ball. Coat each ball with six layers of papier mâché. Set each ball in a disposable drinking cup and allow to dry.

3. Place a rubber band around the center of each ball. Draw a line around the center with a pencil and carefully cut the paper ball in half with the craft knife, peeling each paper shell half from the rubber. Set aside and allow the interiors to completely dry.

4. Align the edges of the dry halves together and use white glue to re-attach them. Cover the joints with thin layers of papier mâché. and allow them to dry.

5. Criss-cross the ball with two rubber bands to divide it into quarters. Using the awl, carefully pierce a grid of holes in each quarter. Make a hole for a small cork at the bottom of each ball.

6. Prime and paint the paper balls, being careful that the paint does not fill the awled holes, and allowing drying time between each coat. Apply some spray varnish.

7. Fill each ball with potpourri and spices. Replace each cork. Secure a decorative ribbon to each ball with dots of white glue and hang. Add rhinestones with hot glue.

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