Friday, September 11, 2009

Make it: kids jungle bath towels and tissue cover

Make it: kids jungle bath towels and tissue cover

With a few pre-painted wood animals and a simple technique for painting leopard spots you can transform a plain tissue box onto a kids jungle themed one. Add a little ribbon to plain towels to create fun and flirty towels.

Materials for tissue cover:

Wooden tissue box cover
Folk Art Craft Paints—Linen #420, Nutmeg #944, and Black
Four pre-painted wooden animal shapes
1” foam brush
Cotton swabs
Hot glue and gun
Low-tack tape


1. Apply a base coat of tan colored craft to the wooden tissue box. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Use the ruler and pencil to mark a 1” border around the base of the box. Tape the border off with low-tack tape.

3. Use a cotton swab to dab on amoeba-like shapes of brown craft paint below the taped line. The shapes should be closely spaced, non-repetitive, and organic. Cotton swabs cut in half will allow for more control.

4. Use another cotton swab to dab on black craft paint, framing and slightly overlapping the brown shapes. Allow the paint to dry.

5. Remove the tape border. Hot glue a wooden animal shape to each side of the box.

Materials for ribbon towels:

Animal print ribbon 5/8” to 1/1/4” wide
Sewing machine
Matching thread – match to towel color


1. Open the towels up and place right side up on your work surface.

2. Pin the ribbon along the band of the towel. Cut the ribbon so that there is approximately 1/2” at each end to fold over for a clean edge.

3. Stitch the ribbon in place using a sewing machine and matching thread. Stitch down both sides of the ribbon, as closely to the edge as possible.

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  1. Fantastic!

    This will give me hours of fun with my youngest.


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