Saturday, March 07, 2009

Make It: Tween Recycled CD Purse

Make It: Tween Recycled CD Purse - Rockabilly Style

Decorative fabric
black fabric CD case
2 Lucite™ handbag handles
iron-on fusible webbing
fabric glue
FolkArt dimensional fabric paint - Licorice
1-1/2 yd. 1/2" ribbon
embroidery thread


Remove the "guts" (the plastic sheeting that hold the CDs) of the CD case.

Using fabric glue, apply ribbon to the inside seam to cover the old stitching. Set it aside to dry.

Iron a piece of fusible webbing to the back of the fabric, following the manufacturer's instructions. Trim around the image to be applied to the purse.

Peel off the paper and iron the fabric to the purse. If the fabric is nylon, use a pressing cloth to prevent melting. Using fabric glue, apply ribbon along the edge of the CD case. Miter the corners for a clean look.

Edge the ironed image with FolkArt dimensional paint. Let dry.

Stitch handbag handles to each side of the top of the case.


  1. This a totally awesome idea. My youngest daughter would LOVE this! Thanks for always sharing such great ideas. I read every post but haven't commented...this one deserves a big shout! :)

  2. Thanks! Kids really love this project. I see cd case at the $1 store all the time. This is a fun slumber party craft.

  3. How very stylish - great idea!! =)


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