Sunday, December 07, 2008

make it: kids Tea Table

Ikea Hack: painted kids tea table
This table is surprisingly quick to paint, when you use a few tips and tricks from us. We used a pencil eraser to make quick polka dots, added a floating medium to our paint to create smooth and simple flowers and used blue painter's tape to mark off our edges.

The table and chairs are from Ikea: Gulliver Table & Chairs


unfinished wood children’s table and chairs
1 qt. semigloss paint (base color)
1 qt. primer
foam brush
drop cloths
folkart acrylic paint: purple (polka dots), dark pink (flowers), light pink (flowers), light yellow (flower center), spring green (leaves)
folkart floating medium
medium flat-head paintbrush
medium angle-head paintbrush
small detail paintbrushes
pencil with eraser
2 cans spray clear sealer

1. If needed, lightly sand table and chairs; wipe down wood with a damp rag after sanding to remove any dust. Prime table and chairs, and let dry before painting.

2. Using low-tack tape, tape off design or pattern to be painted. Trim the corners so they make a sharp point. Paint areas to be painted and let dry, per directions, before removing tape from furniture.

Note: When applying decorative painting techniques for the first time, practicing first on scrap paper is advised. Once you're comfortable with the technique, begin painting the furniture. 1. To make flowers, working with an angled paintbrush, lightly dip brush into floating medium (the medium will soften the colors and help blend them together); dab off extra (this helps to embed medium into brush bristles). Next, dip the top three-quarters of the brush into the lighter pink paint and the remaining bristles into the darker pink paint.
2. To paint the petals, first make an upside-down teardrop with the brush, then fill in the center.

3. To add leaves. using a flathead brush (we used a 5/8"), dip brush into floating medium. Repeat the technique used for the petals with the colors green and just a bit of purple.
4. To paint leaves, go between the petals with a loose S stroke. Make the center of the flower with a finger dipped in orange paint. Once this is dry, remove the tape.

5. To make polka dots, dip the eraser end of the pencil into paint and dot paint on the pattern.

6. For fringe, using a small brush, dip brush into the paint of choice and make squiggly lines through the placemat.
7. Let paint dry and, working in a well-ventilated area, apply a coat of clear spray sealer to the chairs and table.

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