Saturday, December 06, 2008

Make it: Glittered Reindeer and Trees

Glitter, Glitter everywhere on this reindeer!
What you need:
Paper Mache reindeer
2 Styrofoam cones
Ultra fine glitter - 3 different shades of blue and green
CS11235 - Mod Podge - Paper - Matte, 4 oz.
CS11276 - Mod Podge - Glitter - Hologram Silver, 8 oz.
Foam paintbrush
Wax paper
File folder
Yarn scraps
Small ornaments

How to:

1. Using a foam paintbrush, liberally coat the reindeer and cones with matte Mod Podge. Working over a file folder, sprinkle the items with glitter, tap off excess glitter and set aside on wax paper to dry. Use the file folder to pour the glitter back into the storage jar. Repeat for maximum coverage.

2. Coat the items with glitter Mod Podge to seal the glitter. This prevents glitter from shedding.

3. Add ribbons/yarns and small ornaments around the reindeer's neck.

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Happy Holidays!
Cathie and Steve

1 comment:

  1. I'm completely addicted to those cones this year!

    Put sequins on them, glue peppermints to them, glue gumdrops to them, red feathers, silk flowers... The possibilities are endless!

    Can one have too many cone trees? I'm testing that... ;-)


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