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Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas

Here is an interview I did for Real Simple magazine.

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: WRAPPING SUPPLIES

Gift Tags: Recycled last years holiday cards into gift tags by using a decorative punch or cutting a traditional tag shape.

Glittered Pinecones: Add a touch of nature to a package by tying on small pinecones and twigs. We like to add a little pop with Mod Podge and brown glitter to the tips of pinecones.

A Leg Up on Wrapping: Create a denim wine bag with the leg of an old jean. Just cut the leg to the appropriate height for your bottle. Sew or staple across the bottom. Use a ribbon to tie the bag closed.

Tins: Use Mod Podge to decoupage out-of-season (or style) tins and boxes into modern gift boxes by attaching decorative paper to the outside.

Gift Bags: Create simple gift bags with a punch of color with plain paper “lunch” bags. Cut a scalloped edge across the top of a plain paper bag, punch holes across the top and thread closed with a pretty ribbon, tie the ends into a bow.

Photocopied Paper: For small gift-wrap jobs you can make your own color copied paper collages. For extra savings use color paper on a black and white printer.

Kids Art: Decorate large rolls of butcher paper with kid’s holiday drawings. Let the kids know whom the package is for and have them draw something special for them. I bet this paper doesn’t get torn and tossed.

Yarn Tied: Pass on ribbon and say yes to yarn. Look for big bold yarns to tie up your packages. Way cheaper than ribbon!

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: ORNAMENTSDollar Store Decor: Dollar store ornaments can become very stylish with a spray of high gloss paint. We like to use 3 different colors of spray paint on different sized and shaped ornaments. Krylon has tons of bold new colors available, everything from candy colors to natural colors. (Both color pallets blend well with traditional silver and gold)

Papered: Origami paper ornaments and garland can be made for pennies. For “book lovers” you could use pages from old books (just make sure they are not valuable). For a “kids” tree you could use the funny pages to make a humorous statement.

Darn Yarn: Pompoms are easily made with just a few winds of yarn. Use sparkly metallic yarns in taupe, gold, white and silver to create a homespun elegant look. Add Yarn bows to inexpensive clear ornament balls to counter balance the pompoms.

Rocker At Heart: Glue broken bits of CD’s to silver Styrofoam balls and add a ribbon hanger to create a disco ball ornament. Adorn a small tree with disco balls and guitar picks.

Scents of Cinnamon: Tie bundles of cinnamon sticks and small twigs together with ribbon and hang from a tree.

Baked Dough Saves Dough: Kids love playing with dough and creating homemade ornaments with salt dough (made for a few dollars at home) is a fun way for families to get creative together.

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: HOLIDAY DECORATIONSBranches & Birds: Use metallic spray paint to spruce up large and small broken tree branches, place in a glass vase and hot glue white birds to the branches.

Papered Garland: Working with old holiday cards or scrapbooking paper, punch decorative shapes with oversized punches (or trace around a glass and use scissors), attach the tops to a long piece of ribbon using hot glue. Add stickers to spell out holiday words like, Noel, Joy and Merry Christmas.

Can You Picture: Remove the glass and backing from oversized frames, paint with high gloss spray paint in rich plum and silver colors, dangle ornaments and family photos from the center with pretty ribbon. Perch the frames on a mantle or hang on the wall.

Pomanders: Create a centerpiece with stacks of oranges, grapefruits and lemons. Add cloves and lemon leaves for color and scent.

Candle Glow: Add drama to plain candles by inserting decorative brads into the sides. You can get rhinestone, snowflake even pearl brads.

Wrapped Wreath: Create a fabric wreath by cutting strips of 4 or 5 different fabrics into 1” wide pieces. (We like to use a monochromatic color pallet and different textures of fabrics – like, wools, cottons, corduroy, etc.) Wrap the strips around a wire wreath form until the wreath is covered. Add a few old ornaments to the center and you are ready to hang.

Tree Trimming Garland: If you are decorating a fresh tree, collect the trimmings and wire them together to create a mantel or door garland.

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: HOLIDAY CARDSShop Sales at the End Of The Season: We always purchase cards on clearance for 75 – 90% off the retail price at the end of the season.

Make Your Own: Begin with blank cards and add simple scrapbooking embellishments, photos, even a kids hand print.

Vintage Flair: Make black and white copies of a favorite family photo, use colored photo makers to add highlights to the picture.

Go High Tech: Send your cards using an online greeting card program or create your own jpegs greeting and email to friends and family.

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: HOSTESS PARTY GIFTSMini Makeover: Rewrap inexpensive soaps or votive candles with pretty papers, create a designer look by adding fun bows and embellishments.

Recipe Swap: Do you have a friend that always loves your cooking or baking? Make him or her a set of recipe cards.

How Does your Garden Grow?: Do you have a great indoor herb garden? Create an herb gift of either fresh cut herbs or home dried herbs. Your friends will beg for more!

Mini Breads: Bake a large batch on mini breads to have on hand during the season (they freeze well) wrap with butcher paper, add a yarn or ribbon tie and give as needed.

Party Pics: present your hostess with a small empty photo album and let her know that you have brought along your camera to be the official photographer as a gift to her. Make sure you have the pictures printed within one week of the party.

Dollar Saving Holiday Ideas: HOLIDAY SHIPPING

Ship Early & Light: Don’t get caught with last minute (high dollar) shipping prices.

Junk Mail Revamped: Use shredded junk mail instead of store bought peanuts.

Popped Up Packing: Old fashioned popped popcorn can be used as packing peanuts – just don’t add salt or butter. Forget trimming the tree with popcorn – time is money – trust me I tried it before.

Don’t Toss The Boxes: Recycle boxes from retail stores for shipping boxes. Just make sure they are thick enough cardboard.

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