Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Letter to my Realtor :)

Michael & Myself at a Keller Williams Art Show
(the show was Jimmy McGill)

September 23, 2008

Dear Michael,

THANK YOU for all of your help in finding us our new home and dealing with all the paperwork and details that goes along with it.

When we set out to look for our first home we had such an unusual set of circumstances: we needed a large home office, a craft/art studio space, wanted 3 bedrooms, we were on a very set budget and we wanted an open loft feel in a home. Most people would say we were dreaming, but you kept on looking and trekking out to look at homes with us, even to neighborhoods we did not know much about.

I will never forget some of the “fixers” (I call them dumps) we looked at and some of the “almost at our budget” dream homes we saw. You never gave up on us, even when we took a break from looking, we always new you had our backs.

Of course, I will never forget when we saw our home for the first time and as the realization that we had found "the one" set in we were so excited to get in.

As we begin to settle in our new space, we could not be more thrilled! We got our open floor plan, more office and craft space than we had, a stunning kitchen, 3 bedrooms and finally I got my first dishwasher. We are so happy with journey and the outcome.

If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to call on Eddie or myself.

Thanks so much!

Cathie Filian
Happy Homeowner Thanks to Michael Maloney

The Scoop:

Michael Maloney
Keller Williams Realty
4652 Hollywood Blvd
LA CA 90027

(323) 842-9687

website: michael maloney at keller williams

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