Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hotel Coffee & Christmas Decorations

High School Musical Stamps from Plaid
I love this set!

I am sitting in the "business center" of my hotel watching other QVC presenters carry elaborate holiday decorations, over sized Santa Claus figurines and Tonka style trucks past me as I study the different characters on HSM (high school musical), ponder the popularity of Hanna Montana and review my notes for todays presentation. I am super impressed with 42 stamps that are in the kit that I am showcasing. I love that some of the stamps are not just logos from the show or movie and are actually things like guitars, drums, stars and positive messages.

It is 5:40 am my time so a HUGE cup of coffee is in order. The coffee is good (Eddie would call it mud) and the buffet breakfast is a biscuit and odd egg combo. It is delicious. The lobby is filled with so much Holiday Hoopla that It feels like Christmas eve. If you get a chance - tune it today at 2:00 eastern to QVC.

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  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Have fun today and sell, sell sell!!!


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