Friday, September 05, 2008

Make it: Re-Crafted Magazine Packing Materials

I have stacks of magazines and every once in a while I plop down with a good movie or two and I go through them. I make tear sheets, file away good ideas, collect materials for collages and look for color pallets.

After I go them, I am always left with a mess and a huge pile of ripped of magazines that usually end up in the recycle bin. Well not anymore - Now I shred them into my own packing materials. I use a regular household paper shredder and it took about 10 minutes to fill this 18X20 box. Not bad!

Easy on the wallet, easy on the landfill and pretty colorful!

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  1. I do that with my old magazines too. If you compost, you can put the shredded paper in your composter in place of grass clippings, tree branches, etc. Or you can just mix the shredded paper into your garden soil (although it doesn't look very pretty it gets the job done.) The printed magzine paper will take a little longer to break down than black and white newsprint and isn't harmful to the soil as was once thought (especially if its printed with soy ink.)


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