Friday, August 29, 2008

Make it: Kids Custom Painted Sneakers

It is that time of year, when all the kids want the coolest sneakers in town. With a few coats of paint and an easy polka dot technique using a glue stick as a paint brush - kids can paint their own!

The painted shoes can easily be customized to feature school or team colors.

1 pair plain canvas sneakers
FolkArt Fabric Paint – 4423 Costal Blue (brush on)
FolkArt Fabric Paint – 4408 Pure Orange (brush on)
FolkArt Fabric Paint – 4403 Magenta (brush on)
FolkArt Fabric Paint – 4400 Wicker White (brush on)
Mod Podge – Glitter, Hologram Gold
2 Foam Paintbrushes
1 Large Glue Stick
1 Mini Glue Stick
Thin Tip Permanent Marker – Magenta Color

Using a foam brush, apply the costal blue paint to the front of the sneakers and allow to dry.

Create the large polka dots by dipping the end of a large glue stick into the costal blue paint and the press the painted end against the canvas on the sides and back of the shoes.

Paint the polka dots in a random pattern, leaving space for the other colors. Continue with this technique, using a mini glue stick to paint the orange and magenta polka dots.

Once the blue paint on the front of the shoes is dry, add a large white, large magenta and a mini orange polka dot to the front of each shoe.

Add faux stitching around the shoes by drawing small dashes around the edge of the sneakers.

After all the paint is dry, apply two coats of glitter Mod Podge to the entire shoe using a foam brush. Allow for drying in between coats.

The sparkle is the new glitter Mod Podge! Oh how I love it...


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    This is a project that I think my girls would like to do with their friends. What a great sleep over party craft. I'll look for shoes at the Wally. They usually have them for cheap.

  2. Glitter modge podge oh my....these are too cute.


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