Sunday, August 24, 2008

DIY: Install a Doggie Door

Max Using The Door All By Himself!

One of the projects we had to do within the first week of moving was install a doggie door for max. The project was finished in just under 1 hour and that included clean up!

We purchased the kit from Home Depot with a gift card my mom gave Eddie for his birthday! (His b-day is September 9th)

We originally bought a large door (even though Max is only 14 pounds)and found that it was a little small for Max. We exchanged it for the extra large size and it is perfect. The sizes on the box are a little misleading. It is best to open the box and see for yourself if your dog/cat will fit the opening.

The kit comes with an adjustable frame, tracing template, a magnetic flap and a security plate.

You will also need a measuring tape, pencil, level, saber saw with the appropriate blades (wood or metal), phillps screwdriver and safety goggles.

This project is best completed with a friend or partner who can help line up the door on the other side.

I can't stress how simple this project was! If you are thinking that you need a doggie door....go for it and install it yourself! Max was thrilled with his door and by night he was using it all on his own.

Here are a few tips when using doggie doors:

1. Before you install make sure your backyard/front yard is secure with a fence.

2. Use the security plate when you are out of town.

3. Encourage your dog to go through the door with repetition, mini treats and encouragement. It is ok to open the flap for your dog until he/she gets the hang of it.

4. Don't expect your dog to get the hang of the door overnight and if he or she does, give them a treat with lots of hugs and kisses.

Step 1. Working at least 3" from the base of the door and in the center, trace around the template at the appropriate height for your dog. Make sure you use a ruler and level prior to tracing. See the package for dog heights.

2. Wearing safety glasses, use a saber saw and cut on the marked lines. Remove the center piece and discard. Doors are different....ours is metal with a foam core some are solid wood, etc. - be sure to use the appropriate blade for your door.

3. Smile at your workmanship and don't worry if you go over your penciled lines.

4. Insert the outer frame into the opening from the exterior side. (You can add caulk around the frame at this step is desired). Place inner frame in the opening from the interior side and screw the two frames together. Don't over tighten.


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