Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Laundry Closet!

click pic to enlarge

It is funny, when I first started to design the colors (etc) for the new house - my head was swimming with ideas for the master bath, living room and the perfect white for the kitchen cabinets. The laundry room was last on my list. Well not anymore - since the new washer and dryer are being delivered on the 18th and the closet looks a fright - we needed to act fast!

We picked up the paint a few days ago from Home Depot - The paint is by Behr and the color is butternut squash. I love the warm yellow color and since this is a closet and not a room, I think it will be bright & cheery.

I am recycling some closet maid shelving that was left behind by the previous owners in the guest bedroom closet. I hang dry almost all of my clothes and now I will have a small space dedicated to the damp clothes.

The budget has been pretty good for this little room. $1256.00 Total!

New washer and dryers from Sears - $1200.00 (on sale)
Paint and primer from Home Depot - $50.00 ($5 rebate by mail)
Paint supplies - $0 (we own)
Shelving - $0 (recycled from old closet)
Shelving tips from Home Depot - $6.00
Drip dry hangers - $0 (we own)
Wet clothes bin - $0 (recycled from craft room)


  1. Hi, Cathie! Let us know how Butternut Squash looks once you have it up. I've been looking for the perfect cheery color. Thanks!

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