Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost Luggage & Lots of Laughs

Trip to QVC

Steve and I made it to the airport in plenty of time, we had packed homemade sandwiches to eat on the plane, we only had a tiny bit of turbulence and arrived into Pennsylvania easy-peasy, the only snag was my luggage never arrived!

The airline gave me an over sized "NWA" T-shirt, a crappy toothbrush and some mens deodorant to make up for the fact that they had some how managed to leave my suitcase in Detroit.

As I was washing out my clothes in the sink, I just prayed that somehow the bag would show up.

Well it didn't, so I found myself brushing my hair with a hair clip and smelling a bit like my husband's deodorant. Thank G that my makeup bag was in my purse. Lipstick and mascara were by best friend.

The QVC seminar was smashing fun - we have had such a good time with Carol from Plaid and Patty from QVC. We can't wait to come back in July!

Here is the practice stage.

Check out the kit sized Chalkboard paint - all the colors!

We met a few new friends along the way... Check out Jude Alcala from How to Look Good Naked on TLC who will be demonstrating the fabby new brush by Dove. It is battery operated and massages your head while brushing. It breezes through tangles and leaves your hair silky smooth! They will be on QVC on Monday, June 23rd at 9:30 pm eastern.

The artist Joyce Byers was in our class (and fingers crossed will be on QVC on our day in July). Of course she had some cute in holiday collectibles.

Jay McCarroll from season one of Project Runway was in our class and had a super groovy new shift jacket. He sill be showcasing a line of clothes very soon.

I am dog tired, need to call my sister back and just rented 27 dresses on the tube... The good news is that about an hour ago, Sean at the front desk called to tell me that my bag arrived.

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