Friday, February 15, 2008

CHA Day 2 - Chalk Board Paint

On day 2 we got crafty with Plaid's new chalkboard paint! This paint rocks - it works amazing on wood and paintable fabrics. Each coat is rich & thick and it dries beautiful. The colors are wonderful - not just green & black! Plaid has 2 shades of green, a deep red, a poppy pink, rich blue, purple, gray, black and of course the Creative Juice color of The paint should hit the shelves soon.

When working on wood, begin with a primer coat. The deep colors will need 4 coats of paints.

When working on a paintable fabric like fredrix sewpaintable or roc-lon's multi-purpose cloth you won't need a primer. You can sew it with ease and it cuts like a charm.

Here are a few projects we made with the paint.

Display at CHA

The inspiration fabric - Don't ya love it! From Jo-Ann fabrics.

Kids Table and Chair with Sewn Cushions

For the kids chalkboard table we used a simple set from IKEA (table set). We painted the top of the table and back support of the chairs with the orange chalk board paint. We added some alien figures with blue paint. For the cushions we used the blue alien fabric and made some small pillows with yellow ribbon ties.

Kids Lap Desk

For the lap desk, we painted the inside of an Ikea serving tray with the blue chalkboard paint. For the pillow I traced around the tray to create a pattern. I used 2 different fabrics, a dark blue and a blue alien flannel. I placed the fabrics right sides together and sewed around the outer edge, leaving a small opening for stuffing. I added stuffing and hand stitched the opening closed. i used hot glue to attach the pillow to the tray.

Chalkboard Pillow

The pillow was so easy to make! I used the fredrix sewpaintable fabric (12'x12") with 4 coats of the green paint to create the chalkboard square. Next, I used a pinking sheer on the edge of the painted square to create a decorative edge. I cut 2 squares (14"x14") from the blue alien fabric. I sewed the chalkboard square to the center of one of the fabric squares. I added a chalk pocket with a scrap of fabric to the side of the pillow. Next I sewed the pillow right sides together, turned it right side out, stuffed the pillow and hand-stitched the opening closed.

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