Monday, January 28, 2008

Vegas Baby! On our way....

We just landed in Vegas! The drive was awesome we laughed and gossiped the whole way. What a road trip...we saw a beautiful rainbow, the largest thermometer, aliens and had our fortunes told. We are off to our photo shoot and interview with Natpe Daily and C21 Media. Lipstick please:) and hair gel for Steve.

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  1. A few random thoughts come to mind:

    #1 - I'm so glad to see aliens practicing proper sear safety with their little one. The car seat in the backseat is a great thing to see. Perhaps it'd be better in the center and rear-facing, but I'm just glad to see they have the little guy strapped in.

    #2 - I never knew aliens had such fancy taste in jewelry. I mean, what gives with the flashy necklace on that guy in the game machine!?

    #3 - Uh ... those glasses kind of make Steve look like the alien in that last shot .....

    #4 - y'all look like seriously fun people to road trip with.


    Have fun, and safe travels home!


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