Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 1 in Las Vegas

Well last night was great fun! We met with some guys from Warner Bros at TheHotel and sipped a bit of wine ($17 per glass - no joke). We also met a great guy who gave us some invaluable tips on creating promos and presentations. I showed him our presentation for our shows and he loved it! I was so thrilled that it passed his inspection because he is a veteran in Hollywood.

Joined at the head and hip.

We played the penny slots and I lost $10! Not bad considering I am not a gambler. Then - I mistook a $5 slot machine for a nickel slot and lost $20 in 20 seconds. Must quit gambling now!

The conference went well - we made some solid connections and got reacquainted with some folks that we had not worked with for awhile. I don't want to give away too much - But - I smell football and my hubby will be happy about that. :) Details soon.

Emeril was all smiles!

Oh Dolly!
Yummy Lunch at the Border Grill!
We are huge fans of Mary Sue and Susan! LOVE THEM
Waiting for our talk show seminar with Sally Jessy Raphael, funny man Tom Green, Jim Paratore the executive producer of TMZ, Talk show legends Burt Dubrow and Woody Frazier and Terry Wood from CBS.

Getting Sleepy
Back at the room, ready for a little
Jeopardy, snacks and Idol.

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