Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dog Costume Book: Photo Shoot Day

I have not blogged in sooooo long because I am going nuts in book world....

Good News about the Creative Juice book - it is finally shipping into most Barnes and Noble stores. You can do a zip code search for you area here.

The book tour this summer was so much fun! We had a blast at every stop and really enjoyed meeting all the amazing creative people.

I have exciting news.....I just finished my second book! The book is outrageously funny and cute. The working title is Dog Costumes. In the book I have created 2 pattern styles that can be altered into 39 different costumes plus, hat patterns,shoe patterns, bandanna ideas and 20 different leashes and collars. We have plenty of step by step pics so it is great for beginners and advanced sewers.

I sewed my fingers to the bone this summer. We did the photo shoot on Monday and Tuesday (Tuesday was a 18hr day) and my friend Zach (he works on CJ with us) took all the pics. He did and amazing job! If anyone in LA needs a photographer - email me and I'll hook you up with him. Many thanks to Erin, Gina, Jen and EYEleen for helping out!

The bummer news.... The book will be released in October 08... I know it stinks waiting a whole year!

Here are some pics from the photo shoot:

Costumes - all finished and waiting to be shot.

Smile - you are almost done with the book!

Here is the tiny dancer costume.

Zach taking a picture of the Candy Striper's hat.

Here is the Pirate Costume.

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