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Cathie's Bio

She’s crafty!

Cathie is an Emmy Nominated television host, book author, lifestyle expert, inventor and handcraft designer. Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for all things creative makes her a winner with audiences worldwide.

She created, produced and co-hosted more than 100 episodes of the HGTV & DIY
lifestyle show Creative Juice. She also created and hosted the Emmy Nominated
mini-series Witch Crafts. Cathie has also appeared on numerous network shows,
specials and promos for NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY and Food Network. Programs such as Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, View From the Bay and the Florence Henderson Show have featured Cathie as a "lifestyle expert".

Just two years after stepping in front of the camera, Cathie was nominated for two
Daytime Emmys. (With the category company of Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen.) Her nominations were for Outstanding Lifestyle Host and Outstanding Lifestyle Program. In addition to being nominated, Cathie was a presenter for the 34th and 35th Daytime Emmy ceremonies.

Cathie is the author and project designer of 4 books. 101 Tees (Summer 2011), 101 Snappy Fashion, Bow Wow WOW! and Creative Juice – 45 Re-Crafting Projects. All books are published by Lark Books. She also writes Home Hobbies, a monthly syndicated newspaper column for United Features and she contributes to national shelter publications such as Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, Womens World, Life Magazine and many others.

Cathie is a National Spokesperson for Plaid Enterprises, one of the largest manufactures of art and craft products in the United States. Cathie appears
on HSN and QVC showcasing Plaid’s newest products.

In 2010, Cathie made her debut as one of the faces for Dove Beauty: Real Women Real Beauty. She was chosen to appear along with other women in America for the new documentary style campaign. Look for Cathie’s campaign on

In January 2011, Cathie’s invention Hot Glue Glue Helpers, a line of tools for working with hot glue will hit the craft shelves. Look for them at all the major retailers and craft stores.

Cathie Filian grew up in the Midwest and has been getting crafty since she can remember. She began sewing when she was 8 and her love of stitching followed her all the way to college, where she studied Textile Science and Fashion Design at Ohio State University. In her senior year, Cathie was awarded the Outstanding Senior Design Award.

Before stepping "in front" of the camera, Cathie worked in the film business creating
costumes for films such as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers and Vanilla Sky. She has styled some of Hollywood’s leading ladies and gents.

Cathie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Eddie and their dog Max.

Follow Cathie on her blog, on facebook and on Twitter.


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    You are so creative!! Might also have wonderful ideas for home decorations.

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I love your blog!! If you have any interest in handmade coffee filter roses and orchids, please feel free to contact me. I was on the Martha Stewart Show last year and am looking for other outlets to share my craft.
    Good luck with all your endeavors!
    Cassie Chappell
    Mommy Makes Roses

  3. I LOVE your blog..
    I put your tutorial about recycling the christmas card on my blog.....Hope that was OK? I always wondered how to do that.... thenks so much..... and congratulations on all your achievements

  4. I love your blog. What a clever use of paint sticks. Now, how to sneak out of my local paint store with 30 paint sticks? Hmmmm?????

  5. Cathie! How about coming back to Colorado for a special event? Please call or email me!

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Where o where can I get the receipes from Creative Juice? I have tried my dardest to find them on HGTV and DIY and no luck. The hummas, bagel chips and the garlic focaccia


  7. Anonymous8:20 PM

    You guys are great. keep up the good work

  8. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I just found your blog today, Absolutely love it and all of the great ideas!

  9. Hi from Adelaide South Australia. Love your show as I get many ideas for gifts. Please advise where I may be able to order shrink wrap paper similar to what you used when making jewellery discs and where Steve made a mini baseball bat. Can not find anything here in Oz so am happy to order from USA. I only need a few sheets to make discs for gift cards. I may also try to use them for earrings. Thank you and I hope Foxtel pay TV here in Oz continues with your show. Love it. Cheers Maria Adamczak, Allenby Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.

  10. I am so glad that I found you !! I use to watch you on TV but then it was gone!! I love your things. I have a blog and I am going to be using alot of your things on there.

    Thanks again for your talent.

  11. love your work :)

  12. HI Cathie, We share the same love:creativity!
    Check out my new blog, I think you'll really like it!

  13. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I have been searching for, literally, HOURS to find the instructions for the Blue Ribbon episode of Creative Juice! Anyone have a link?

  14. What a cute idea!!! This is my first time here and I am so glad that you left me a link. You have many great ideas, I will have to come back to this site when my kids are asleep. Thanks for the advice. I am your newest follower! Have a great day!
    Bonnie :)

  15. Keep up the great job that you and Steve are doing. Wonderful show, I am an avid follower of yours.
    Laurie @


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