Friday, April 25, 2014

It's been busy! Our Jewelry Line, Baby S. Court Updates and Chalk Paint Video

The Rejects!

Sorry - we had to blur the bits - unveiling soon!

I'm so excited!  For the past year or so we have had two jewelry lines in the works.  One is a finished goods line and the other is a DIY line of pieces and parts called Jewel Pop Shop! I heart them both! The finished goods line is getting very close to launching online and the DIY line will launch in a very limited amount of Michaels Stores this Summer.  If it does well in the select stores then it will be added to the jewelry department in all the stores. I guess it is kind of like a test.  URG - I hate tests.... always have and always will. LOL.  We can't show any of the pieces yet.... but you can see some of the rejects above.  It's fun and full of whimsy and all about my personality!  We worked with an amazing team at Plaid for the DIY line and it has turned out amazing!  Details as soon as I can share!

Baby S. has been doing great!  Our next court date is April 30th and we are waiting on some really important information.  We don't attend court yet.  Well, I did go one time and it was very surreal and sad.  So many kids in limbo.  So many parents trying to get better and so many parents who will never be able to put their children first.  Baby S. is so young and in a fost/adopt situation so that it really is not an issue for us but my heart breaks for the kids who are older and don't have forever homes.  Many aspects of the "system" are flawed and many aspects are amazing.  But when you sit and see the children it is sobering.  I didn't end up going into the actually court room because test results we were waiting on were not in yet so I sat in the overcrowded waiting area.  I did get to see Birth-Mom although she didn't know who I was.  She was very pretty and had a nice smile.  It was no surprise to me because Baby S. has a very pretty smile too.  I'll be glad when we get closer to the finish line ~~~ until then love and joy is all I have time for ~~~ no time for stressing out!

Steve and I are super excited about the new FolkArt Chalk finish and we made a little tutorial video for Jo-Ann Fabrics!  Have a peek below!

This paint is amazingly supple and fun to work with.  Lean more at Plaid!



  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    My husband and I LOVE you both, miss the show always waited to see what was cookin and what we are drinkin. You both are excellent on crafting !!

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    pretty nice blog, following :)


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